Saturday, March 24, 2012

People Everywhere but No One You Remember

I've noticed that a lot of what people wear outside of the house isn't as put together as it use to be. Now I'm not old enough to remember when woman would look nice just to leave the house even if it meant just going to the supermarket. I mean yes they may have worn curlers but I find it interesting how people think that's weird when they're wearing pajamas outside the house. Is it that woman have gotten lazier? No personally I don't think so; well maybe some have but people have always been lazy. Maybe it's because wearing pajamas is almost like wearing sweat pants or something and it doesn't matter because you'll just blend in with the other people doing the same thing.

I see that a lot lately. People blending in. Do you ever think about that? That when you're walking down the street or through the mall you don't notice many people. I mean you know they are there but when you go home you don't remember them. Except when you see that one person who is "brave" enough to go out wearing something all their own. That person that people turn around and give a second look at to  see if your eyes are true to what they saw. And here's the thing. You remember them because they made an impression. Whether you admire them or not, you remembered them.

Why can't people leave more impressions in the world and with people? Now Im not saying that people don't leave impressions by talking and being intelligent or by being creative or doing something kind or evil.  I'm saying that style wise people tend to blend in. Some people may want to blend in and that's fine but for those who want to stand out, do so and if you want to do it by your appearance I suggest doing it by taking who you are and putting that into your closet.

That's what I try to do. I like to take inspirations whether it be from art or music or movies and tv I take those into consideration to what I put on every morning.  This is a hard thing to do. Most people don't know how to make a change and care. I use to blend in and be afraid that how I would dress would cause people look at me and that scared me. I was and still always wondering why people were looking at me. But I had to stay positive and take joy in the fact that I liked the way I looked. And I felt better about myself because of it. And that's what I believe style really is all about. Be who you are and dressing for yourself.